Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Maximize your potential with our in-depth Personal Coaching program. If you need direction in your personal life, this is the life plan for you.

"Dreams without goals, remain dreams." -Denzel Washington - Oscar Winning Actor

The Personal Life Coaching track is tailored to get you on the right track to success with the following one-on-one focuses:

• Decision Process

One on the keys to becoming a maximizing your potential is your ability to make decisions. During this topics we will dive into a model that will leave you with improved decision making both professionally and personally.

• Personal Brand

Discover your current brand while developing strategies of where you would like your brand to go.

• Establishing Priorities

Everything can’t be important. During this topic we develop the fundamental importance of shifting priority settings both short and long term.

• Blended Family Balance

There is a high percentage of families that are combined from multiple marriages or relationship. The ability to navigate those relationship with the significant other or spouse is a huge challenge. The ability to create a successful atmosphere within the blended family structure has become a major priority.

• Head Of Household

The first priority for and individual or family is how we lead our household. As the evolution of the family continue to change, discover how managing this responsibility can lead to improved quality of life.

• Dealing With Incarceration

Unfortunately, many people are dealing with a significant person in their life that may be or previously was incarcerated. Incarceration is not only contained within our inner cities, but effects families in every community, church, or corporations. Dealing with incarceration is a very sensitive personal topic that requires insight and direction which is achieve with the subject.

• Financial Direction

Clearly money management is a major pillar for our standard of life. Let discuss practical formulas for a healthy financial lifestyle.